Huawei E5220 unlock


if you have a huawei E5220 modem that is stuck on the original provider such as orange, or any other provider, then this post is for you. In this tutorial we will show you the solution issue for unlocking or unblocking the Huawei E5220s-2 modem 3G.


Huawei e5220 specifications

  • UMTS frequency / 3G / 3G + / EDGE
  •  wifi and usb connection mode
  •  Battery life 1150 mAh
  •  Speed: up to 42 Mbps
  •  Indication indicators sms data and network WIFI and celullaire. 


Huawei E5220 unlock how to fix simlock

1- install usb modem driver huawei E5220

connect your E5220 modem to your computer using a usb cable and then in the pc explorer install the mini software as a cd available in the workstation.

2- modem preparation for unlocking

  • Enter sim card different from that of the original operator turn on and connect the e5220s-2 domino to your computer with a USB cable.
  • Open your web browser then enter the address to access the configuration interface of your huawei modem
  • Enter the default admin username and password
  • huawei e5220s-2 modem requires a simlock code

  • copy the 15-digit emei number of your modem here: or on the back of it.


huawei e5220 imei calculator

HUAWEI E5220 UNLOCK CODE generator


how to get the unlock code of your huawei E5220S-2 modem

  • Huawei Unlock Code Calculator

you can get your unlock code of Huawei e5220s-2 modem with our huawei modem universal offline software and calculator available here for download here: huawei code calculator offline

  • Unlock code modem huawei mysostech

get the huawei e5220s-2 unlock code for free here on our page by submitting the emei number of your huawei modem in comment one of our admin will answer as soon with the unlock code corresponding to your dongle.


Enter unlock code in huawei E5220

after donwload our unllimited huawei calculator or get unlock code by admin comment, turn on e5220 with new provider and enter unlock code to unblock your modem .


Unlock huawei E5220 vidéo guide

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